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5 Common Motorcycle Accident injuries riders experience in Georgia

Limited visibility, unsafe lane changes and weather conditions often lead to motorcycle accidents. During the accident, the bikers face one or more among the following mentioned injuries. Read along and understand how to tackle the injuries and the insurance together with the help of an accident attorney expert. 

Road Rash: Motorcycle accidents and other incidents involving friction on pavement can result in road rash. A motorcycle accident lawyer helps victims of these incidents obtain compensation for their medical costs as well as their pain and suffering.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Accident attorneys fight for justice and accountability for the negligence or misconduct that resulted in the injury while also working to secure compensation for victims to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, missed wages, and long-term care.

Internal Injury: Accident attorneys fight for people who have suffered internal injuries, such internal bleeding or organ damage, by taking negligent parties to court in an effort to recover costs associated with medical care, missed income, and other damages brought on by accidents or carelessness.

Broken Bone & Fractures: Accident attorneys assist people who sustain fractures or broken bones in accidents by pursuing financial compensation for their lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. They also hold negligent or misbehaving parties accountable.

Brain Injury: While fighting for better safety measures to prevent such events, accident attorneys help victims of brain injuries, including concussions and skull fractures, obtain compensation for medical care, rehabilitation, lost income, and a degraded quality of life.

Guidance by the Attorney on Motorcycle Accident

The most difficult part of an accident is to handle the insurance companies. If you’re doing it without expert support, things might get very complex. Regardless of the situation, understand that insurance companies will ask you the question in their favour, which will result in cancellation of your claim. With the help of an expert have these tips while dealing with the insurance company:

Say no to recordings: Never allow the insurance team to record your statement. Insurance adjusters are capable of bringing out the words that might stop or reduce the claim.

Do not settle easily: The adjusters here will offer you the lowest first. Have patience before closing the case.

Read and Sign: An accident can traumatise your understanding capabilities. This is highly possible and sometimes leads to signing the wrong paper. Read everything properly and then sign the papers.


A lawyer which will maximise your claim and minimise your pain at this point of time is highly crucial. Understand the laws of Georgia before sitting in front of the Insurance experts. If it’s not possible to have a complete understanding of everything, hire an attorney which has expertise in all the possible motorcycle cases in Savannah, Georgia.

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