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Best Pokemon for Ultra League

Giratina (Origin Forme)

Giratina (Origin Forme)

Giratina, a Ghost/Dragon Legendary Pokémon, has long dominated the Pokémon GO Ultra League. Its Origin Forme is one of the most powerful and flexible Pokémon at this competitive tier. Giratina (Origin Forme) is a top-tier Ultra League pick due to its outstanding stats, movepool, and type.

Its impressive stats make Giratina (Origin Forme) a dangerous Ultra League challenger. It has 337 base stats, with defense and stamina being its best. Giratina (Origin Forme) can absorb blows like a champ thanks to its excellent defensive ratings, making it a versatile tank. It may also deliver substantial damage because of its decent attack stat.

Giratina’s type (Origin Forme) distinguishes it from other Pokémon. As a Ghost/Dragon, it solely possesses Dark and Ice vulnerabilities. It resists Normal, Bug, Poison, Electric, Grass, Water, Fighting, Psychic, and Ground due to its unusual mix. Giratina (Origin Forme) can hold its own against many assaults and stay on the battlefield longer than other Pokémon.

A strong movepool makes Giratina (Origin Forme) stand out. Its rapid and charge maneuvers allow it to adapt to many situations. Dragon Breath and Shadow Claw are its main fast moves. Giratina (Origin Forme) can oppose other Dragons with Dragon Breath and Shadow Claw, which does super damage against Psychic and Ghost-types.

Giratina (Origin Forme) possesses multiple powerful charge techniques, improving its flexibility. Shadow Ball, its most powerful Ghost-type charge move, can hit Psychics, Ghosts, and neutral opponents. Dragon Claw, another charge technique that works well with Dragon Breath, attacks opponents faster and with less energy. Finally, Giratina (Origin Forme) may employ the Ghost-type charge move Ominous Wind to improve its stats. This move boosts Giratina’s (Origin Forme) attack and defense, giving it an advantage.

Giratina (Origin Forme) is an Ultra League all-arounder who can handle many threats. Its strong resistance, stats, and movepool make it a great offensive and defensive option. Giratina (Origin Forme) can defeat numerous Ultra League meta-top Pokémon when employed properly.

Giratina (Origin Forme) does well against various meta selections in Ultra League. Its biggest rivals are Dragon-type Pokémon like Dragonite, Garchomp, and Togekiss. Giratina easily defeats these Dragon-types with its Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw. Its Water-type resistance makes it a dangerous opponent for Swampert and Lapras. Ghost typing offers it an advantage against Psychic-type Pokémon like Cresselia and Giratina (Altered Forme), but Fighting-type move resistance lets it fight Machamp and Conkeldurr.

Giratina (Origin Forme) has Ultra League meta weaknesses. Dark Pokémon like Umbreon and Alolan Muk are difficult to defeat because to their Ghost-type resistance and potent Dark attacks. Giratina (Origin Forme) must also avoid Steel-types like Registeel and Melmetal, who can withstand its Dragon-type techniques and cause tremendous damage with their Steel-type strikes.



Psychic-type Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon, is magnificent. The crescent moon-shaped wings and serene color palette evoke tranquility and elegance. Cresselia is an Ultra League powerhouse famed for its toughness and flexibility, despite its peaceful demeanor.

First, Cresselia’s size helps her stand out in the Ultra League. With 240 basic HP, it has one of the league’s highest hit points. This large HP pool lets Cresselia take up a lot of damage and stay in battles longer, giving you more chances to strategize and use its flexibility.

Cresselia’s high HP and 210 basic Defense make it more resistant to physical assaults. Cresselia’s size makes it a strong lead and safe switch option against many Ultra League threats.

With the Charge Move “Moonblast,” Cresselia can take more hits.Moonblast decreases the opponent’s Attack and provides good damage. Cresselia and your other Pokémon absorb less damage from this debuff, which might extend their battlefield lifespan.

Cresselia’s Psychic typing makes it resistant to Ultra League Fighting-type attacks. It can easily handle Machamp and Heracross due to this resistance. Psychic Cresselia also has an edge over Poison-types like Venusaur and Alolan Muk, which are common in this league.

Cresselia’s movepool makes it a great Ultra League pick. It can learn several moves, giving you combat strategy options. Besides Moonblast, Cresselia can use “Grass Knot,” “Future Sight,” and “Psycho Cut.” These moves protect against numerous hazards, letting you adapt to varied situations and opponents.

Cresselia struggles with Water-types like Swampert and Lapras, but “Grass Knot” helps. “Future Sight” is a strong Psychic-type move that can really pressure your opponent, while “Psycho Cut” is a speedy, low-energy move that helps Cresselia charge swiftly. These choices help Cresselia win battles and confuse opponents.

Cresselia is versatile in teams. It may be a lead Pokémon to take early control or a safe switch to manage threats. Because it can adapt to diverse situations and obstacles, it is a handy safe switch.

Cresselia’s Charge Moves are also defensive. “Future Sight” deals high damage, “Moonblast” debuffs, and “Grass Knot” fights bulky Water-types. Cresselia is a versatile choice that can do damage and survive thanks to these techniques.

Cresselia’s Ultra League domination also comes from its success versus meta-relevant Pokémon. Due to its type and movepool, it can tackle powerful league threats like Giratina, Registeel, and Togekiss. Cresselia is a key component of effective Ultra League setups since it pressures several opponents.

Cresselia’s accessibility is remarkable. Trainers may easily get Cresselia because it’s not Mythical or Legendary. Raids and events provide it, which players may exchange. This accessibility allows many trainers to utilize Cresselia in their Ultra League teams, leveling the playing field and encouraging team variety.



Togekiss, a Fairy/Flying Pokémon, is a strong Ultra League force because to its uncommon strengths and resistances. Typing gives it many advantages and few disadvantages. Flying-type Togekiss is immune to Ground-type techniques, which are common in the Ultra League and destructive to other Pokémon. Fairy typing protects it from Dark- and Fighting-type assaults, which are frequent in this level. This unusual mix gives Togekiss an edge over many competitors by allowing it to tackle a wide spectrum of challenges.

Togekiss stats reinforce its domination. Its inherent Defense number of 115 and sturdy build allow it to survive attacks from opponents. Togekiss’ 120 Special Attack makes it a powerful attacker. The real star is Togekiss’s 198 HP. Due to its enormous HP, Togekiss can outlast numerous opponents and fight for a long time, which is useful in the Ultra League. Togekiss’ Charge Movepool includes Charm, Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower, and Ancient Power in addition to strong stats. Togekiss can attack several enemy Pokémon for super-effective damage with its movepool, making it flexible and adaptive.

Charm, Togekiss’ Ultra League quick move, is defining. Charm is a quick Fairy move that deals heavy damage. Due to its huge HP and resistance to several Ultra League kinds, Togekiss can live longer and stack Charm to do massive damage. Togekiss is a force that can defeat even its intended opponents. Charm’s unrelenting attack provides Togekiss an Ultra League edge. Few Pokémon can endure it.

Togekiss’ Charge Moves enhance its rapid move. The strong Fairy-type charge move Dazzling Gleam covers Dark and Fighting types. Fire-type Flamethrower can provide super-effective damage to Steel-type Pokémon like Registeel in the Ultra League. Flamethrower also helps Togekiss against Steel/Fairy Pokémon like Mawile and Clefable. Ancient Power, while not the best option, can help Togekiss improve its combat performance by buffing its numbers.

Trainers may tweak Togekiss’ movepool to meet threats or match their team’s strategy. In the Ultra League, where opponents are diverse, adaptation is key. Togekiss may help you hit hard and fast or play the long game defensively.

Togekiss’s power goes beyond its particular talents. Togekiss may play as a support Pokémon to counter numerous league threats. Because of its Fairy typing and Charm move, it can handle Dragonite, Giratina, and Togekiss. It can also fight Ultra League Fighting-type Pokémon like Machamp and Poliwrath.

As with any Pokémon, Togekiss has flaws. Electric moves harm Togekiss very well, making them a major issue. A partner who can handle Electric-type Pokémon like Ampharos and Magnezone is essential. Due to Togekiss’ Flying typing, Tyranitar may attack it with Rock-type techniques. Togekiss requires careful team composition and switching to mitigate these disadvantages.



Pokemon Go trainers are constantly looking for the greatest Ultra League squad, and Swampert is a top choice. SWAMPERT is a fixture in Ultra League bouts due to its unusual type, flexible moveset, and great stats. This analysis will examine why Swampert is such a strong Ultra League pick.

In the Ultra League meta, Swampert’s type is its biggest advantage. Swampert, a Water and Ground-type Pokemon, has resistances and immunities to some of this competitive tier’s worst dangers. It is immune to Electric-type status effects like paralysis and resists Electric-type techniques, which are popular against Water-types. Swampert can absorb Electric-type attacks and counterattack thanks to this immunity.

Swampert’s Water and Ground type gives it a unique dual STAB edge. Swampert’s Water and Ground-type attacks gain 20% damage, giving it a powerful attacker with several move possibilities. Mud Shot generates energy quickly, while Hydro Cannon and Earthquake are powerful Ultra League charge techniques.

Swampert’s main charge move, Hydro Cannon, is a great Water-type charge move. Hydro Cannon’s low energy cost and tremendous damage output let Swampert pressure its opponents. Water-type attacks weaken Togekiss, Lapras, and Charizard, making this move useful against them. Swampert may bait shields with Hydro Cannon and then Earthquake to defeat shield-less opponents.

Earthquake, Swampert’s second charge move, is essential. Steel, Rock, and Electric-type Pokemon, which dominate the Ultra League, may be severely damaged by Earthquake. Swampert may threaten several counters and potentially get one-hit KOs with this move. It also covers opponents who could resist its Water-type strikes quite well.

Hydro Cannon and Earthquake provide Swampert great coverage for a multitude of threats. Steels like Registeel and Melmetal and Rocks like Rhyperior and Charizard may be handled. Earthquake discourages opponents from switching in Electric-types, making Swampert more adaptable and dominating in the Ultra League.

Swampert has a well-balanced stat distribution that makes it a tough rival. Its Attack and Defense are decent, and its Stamina can take numerous strikes. Swampert is not the Ultra League’s biggest Water-type, but its resistances and immunities make up for it. Swampert can absorb and deal tremendous damage, making it a trustworthy and adaptable teammate.

Accessibility is another Swampert benefit. Swampert is the ultimate evolution of Hoenn starter Mudkip. Mudkip can develop into Swampert with Hydro Cannon during Community Day events. Trainers may easily find a high-quality Swampert for their Ultra League squad. Trading Pokemon with other players can also help you get a Swampert with greater IVs or a second move.

Swampert’s remarkable squad composition versatility sets it distinct in the Ultra League. Swampert is typically considered as a team’s anchor, but if your strategy centers around it, it may lead. In Pokemon Go PvP’s dynamic landscape, adaptation is key. Swampert may be paired with several partners to balance its strengths and drawbacks.

Swampert works well with Pokemon that can tolerate grass-types, one of its weaknesses. Togekiss’ Fairy and Flying typing, which resists Grass-type moves, makes it a good companion. This synergy lets Togekiss handle Venusaur and Ferrothorn, which would normally bother Swampert. Registeel can also help Swampert overcome Fairy and Ice-type disadvantages.



Registeel, introduced in the third generation of Pokémon games, has a great stat distribution for Ultra League fighting. At 580, it excels in Defense (160) and Stamina (150), making it a tough tank that can resist even the most brutal assaults from opponents. Registeel’s defensive stats make him a team anchor who can take hits and outlast opponents.

Registeel’s extensive movepool lets it adapt to many Ultra League circumstances. Lock-On charges energy quickly yet does little harm. This is vital to Registeel’s approach since it allows frequent charge moves. Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, and the new Hyper Beam are charge techniques with specific uses.

Snorlax, a frequent Ultra League Normal-type Pokémon, can be severely damaged by Focus Blast. Registeel uses Flash Cannon, a Steel-type move with STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), to do super damage to Rock, Ice, and Fairy. Registeel’s playstyle is intriguing since Hyper Beam may surprise opponents and KO them.

In addition to its moves, Registeel is versatile in team configurations. The team’s requirements and opponent’s roster determine its role as a safe switch, lead, or closer. This versatility is crucial in the Ultra League, where pairings may be unpredictable.

You may win a battle with Registeel as a safe swap. Lock-On absorbs strikes and charges energy rapidly, allowing it to use its charged attacks to force switches or KO opponents. Its tolerance to Poison-type assaults and resistance to Normal-type movements make it a safer transition.

Registeel can lead, which can help you put early pressure to your opponent. Many leaders struggle to defeat its strong defenses and fast energy generation. Registeel can maintain pressure or conserve energy if your opponent switches out.

Registeel is a powerful closing. Registeel may sweep through your opponent’s roster with its powerful charge attacks when their shields are gone and Pokémon are weakened. Its rapid move, Lock-On, gives it energy to execute deadly strikes, perhaps winning the game for your squad.

Energy and shield management are crucial when utilizing Registeel in the Ultra League. Registeel’s Focus Blast and Hyper Beam demand exact timing to maximize impact. Knowing when to bait barriers and unleash these strong attacks may make or break you.

Registeel has strengths and disadvantages. Registeel’s natural adversaries, fire-type Pokémon like Charizard and Alolan Muk, can deliver huge damage with their attacks. Fighting Pokémon like Machamp and Swampert can also be dangerous because Registeel’s Steel-type attacks dont work on them. Thus, Registeel needs companions to cover his weaknesses.

Registeel’s Ultra League performance is typically improved by choosing partners that compliment its abilities and cover its limitations. Swampert and Gyarados can defeat Fire-types, whereas Togekiss can defeat Fighting-types. Registeel needs teamwork to succeed in this challenging league.



Trainers compete in Pokémon Go’s Ultra League with their greatest Pokémon. Strategy and knowledge of Pokémon strengths and weaknesses are needed to win this league. Machamp distinguishes out among the many Pokémon: a powerful contender. Machamp’s unusual type, moves, and attributes make it a top-tier Ultra League pick that can dominate the battlefield.

Machamp, a Fighting-type Pokémon, has been a popular favorite since the earliest Pokémon games. Dynamic Punch is its hallmark move because to its powerful Fighting-type attacks and high attack stat. Machamp excels at Ultra League fighting.

Its movepool gives Machamp an edge in the Ultra League. Machamp learns charge maneuvers to adapt to diverse conditions. The Fighting-type move Dynamic Punch is its main charge move and provides great coverage against many opponents. It’s a powerful move that can hurt Snorlax, Lapras, and Registeel in the Ultra League meta.

Machamp’s second charge move, Rock Slide, is a Rock-type move that upgrades coverage. Rock Slide works against Flying-types and Fighting-type-resistant Pokémon. Machamp can face more dangers than other Fighting-type Pokémon due to its versatility.

In Ultra League, Machamp’s stats help. Its strong attack stat helps its charged attacks strike harder, and its bulk gives it some combat endurance. Machamp can take blows and deal damage despite its low Ultra League defense and endurance.

Machamp’s type gives it important resistances and immunities. Fighting-type Pokémon resist Normal and Rock-type attacks, which are popular in the Ultra League. It can counter Gengar and Giratina since it is resistant to Ghost-type techniques.

Machamp can also disturb opponents with its rapid maneuvers. Counter, a Fighting-type fast move, builds energy quickly and helps against many Pokémon. Machamp may regularly launch devastating charge techniques, exerting enormous pressure on the other team.

The Ultra League meta benefits from Machamp’s agility and flexibility. It may play as a powerful lead Pokémon that threatens opponents from the outset or a closer that sweeps through lesser opponents in the late game. Its ability to face Ultra League threats and attack hard makes it a popular choice among trainers.

Machamp is exclusively vulnerable to Flying and Psychic moves. These move types make Togekiss and Cresselia challenging opponents for Machamp. Proper team composition and shields management can counteract these shortcomings. Combining Machamp with Pokémon that hide its weaknesses is a smart strategy to tackle these issues.

Giratina, a Ghost/Dragon Legendary Pokémon, is a common and difficult Ultra League opponent. Machamp’s Fighting-type attacks may put Giratina under strain, especially without Shadow Sneak, a Ghost-type move that does tremendous damage against Fighting-types. Machamp can frequently force Giratina shields, helping the squad fight this dangerous Dragon.

Availability and accessibility of purchase boost Machamp’s Ultra League performance. Machop, Machamp’s pre-evolution, is readily available compared to other top-tier Pokémon. This means trainers may spend time and resources on a competitive Machamp without as much frustration as with other Pokémon.



The simple Magikarp evolved into Gyarados, a Water and Flying Pokémon. Gyarados may not be many trainers’ first pick, but its numbers, type, and moves make it an Ultra League powerhouse.

Start with Gyarados’ stats. A balanced stat set is essential in the Ultra League, where combat are longer and more strategic. Gyarados excels in this aspect with 3281 CP at level 40. Its outstanding Attack and Defense numbers make it a balanced combatant that can absorb hits and deal damage. Gyarados can also outlast opponents due to their high stamina.

Typing is Gyarados’ strength. Water and Flying-types have specific resistances and vulnerabilities. Gyarados’ powers overcome its weaknesses to Electric and Rock-type techniques. Gyarados’ type is advantageous in the Ultra League’s uncertain metagame.

Water-type techniques are strong against Ground, Rock, and Fire-type Ultra League favourites. Gyarados can use Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, and Surf to harm opponents. Flying allows it to resist Fighting-type techniques, which are common in this league. Thus, Gyarados may switch from offense to defense to counter threats.

Another reason Gyarados is famous in Ultra League is its movepool. It can learn maneuvers for different team configurations and strategies. Gyarados typically use Aqua Tail, a fast-charging Water-type move, to provide persistent pressure. Gyarados can defeat threats with Hydro Pump, which charges slowly but hits hard.

Gyarados may also learn Dragon-type techniques like Outrage or Dragon Pulse to expand its coverage. Gyarados can counter Ultra League Dragon-type Pokémon like Dragonite and Giratina with these techniques. Flying-type techniques like Aerial Ace and Twister cover Fighting and Grass-types, expanding its counters.

Charge Moves help Gyarados adapt. The addition of Crunch and Outrage makes Gyarados more dangerous. Crunch is great for Psychic and Ghost-type opponents like Cresselia and Giratina, while Outrage helps Gyarados overcome hurdles.

Gyarados’ Dragon Breath or Waterfall ability enhances its powers. The fast-generating Dragon Breath allows Gyarados to fire charge techniques more often. However, Waterfall’s Water type provides tremendous damage, making it a good offensive Gyarados.

Gyarados’ unpredictability makes it the finest Ultra League pick. Its regular moveset works well, but the surprise is a vital advantage in competitive encounters. Trainers can use rare attacks like Twister or Dragon Pulse to surprise opponents and interrupt their strategy. Gyarados may surprise your opponents by adjusting to different situations.

Gyarados’ position on the squad is unpredictable. It might be a lead, switch, or closer, depending on your team and plan. Gyarados can swiftly gather energy and exert pressure as a lead, pushing your opponent to utilize shields early. Switching in can neutralize several threats and shift the battle your way. Gyarados can end games with their devastating charge techniques when shields are low.

Its accessibility helps Gyarados in the Ultra League. Gyarados may have evolved from Magikarp, unlike several mythological Pokémon. Many trainers can easily acquire and power up a Gyarados with the correct IVs and moveset, making it appealing to casual and competitive players.



Snorlax may not seem like a natural pick for competitive encounters. It has a Pokedex number of 143, thus it’s not a legendary Pokemon or an Ultra League dragon or psychic type. Snorlax has great basic stats that make it a strong competitor. Its 330 HP makes it one of the Ultra League’s tankiest Pokemon. These massive HP points help Snorlax to withstand strikes and stay on the battlefield for longer, which is vital in the Ultra League, where combat are lengthier and more strategic.

Snorlax has decent Attack and Defense stats, with basic values of 190 and 190. Snorlax can hit and take hits due to its balanced stats. Snorlax is a versatile Pokemon that excels in Ultra League combat.

Snorlax stands out for its extensive moveset. In Ultra League, where you’ll face several opponents and teams, a flexible Pokemon is helpful. Snorlax has several moves, so trainers may customize it for their squad. Snorlax may utilize Lick or Zen Headbutt for quick moves, each with benefits. Lick builds energy faster, letting Snorlax use its charged attacks sooner, while Zen Headbutt increases damage.

Snorlax excels at charged moves. Body Slam is a fast-charging move that frequently damages and activates Snorlax’s secondary charged move. Hyper Beam is a high-energy attack that may surprise opponents with enormous damage. Earthquake, another charged move, covers Ultra League threats like Steel and Rock-type Pokemon well. Dragon-type coverage and shocking opponents who anticipate Snorlax to employ Normal-type techniques make Outrage a good pick.

Elite TMs give Snorlax more movements. This versatility lets trainers customize Snorlax’s moveset for their squad and the Ultra League metagame.

Snorlax can block and counter some of the biggest threats in the Ultra League. It can handle Giratina, a league powerhouse, using Normal-type attacks. Snorlax can pressure Giratina while keeping shield advantage with to Lick and Body Slam’s rapid energy. Snorlax can efficiently oppose Giratina, a Pokemon many trainers struggle with.

Snorlax also plays well versus Swampert, Togekiss, and Lapras, other Ultra League selections. It can alter moves and adapt to different scenarios, making it a flexible and trustworthy pick for any squad.

Snorlax’s anchoring ability is a vital Ultra League strength. Its large HP and well-balanced defenses may absorb harm from hostile Pokemon, helping your weaker comrades. In situations where Snorlax faces several opponents, its tenacity and flexible moveset can turn the game. Gegners must carefully manage their shields and strategy around Snorlax, knowing it may change the game if left uncontrolled.

Snorlax’s Ultra League metagame popularity proves its efficacy. Ultra League matches often include Snorlax, which top trainers use as a key member. Snorlax’s flexibility, balanced attributes, and great matchups make it essential in this competitive style.



The last development of Piplup, Empoleon, is elegant and powerful. At 5 feet 7 inches and 186.3 pounds, it mixes penguin elegance with steel-plated knight strength. Only its battling skills match its majestic appearance.

Empoleon is known for its Water and Steel typing. This combo makes it resistant to Normal, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Bug, Dragon, and Steel. It’s resistant to Poison-type techniques, boosting its defense. Empoleon can battle Ultra League threats like Togekiss, Cresselia, Swampert, and Articuno because to its type. Steel typing helps it tackle Togekiss, Granbull, and Clefable because Fairy-type attacks inflict less damage to it.

Another reason Empoleon dominates the Ultra League is its numbers. Base Defense is 211 and Attack is 210, and its maximum CP is 2910. Despite its 197 basic HP, its balanced defensive and offensive characteristics allow it to endure several attacks and do damage. Empoleon can stay on the battlefield longer and win lengthier battles due to its Defense stat, which makes it resistant to many physical assaults.

Empoleon’s movepool makes it an Ultra League favorite. The Waterfall, Drill Peck, and Hydro Cannon make Empoleon a fearsome opponent. Empoleon’s Water type makes Waterfall a great quick move with STAB. Empoleon generates energy effectively with this swift strike, giving it a good pick for immediate damage and energy. Drill Peck is another powerful STAB-enabled charge move. Empoleon can tackle Swampert and Meganium with this move, which covers Fighting and Grass-types.

Hydro Cannon shines in Empoleon’s moveset. Hydro Cannon is a low-energy powerhouse charge move characteristic of Water-type starters. Empoleon may spam Hydro Cannon to deplete opponents while maintaining shield pressure. It’s effective against several common opponents, including Fire and Rock.

Empoleon’s versatility as an attack and defense player is another strength. Empoleon’s balanced stats and diverse techniques let trainers employ it in many ways. With its Waterfall and Hydro Cannon, it may lead the charge or act as a safe switch to deter oncoming attackers. Empoleon can also win against low-health opponents as a closing.

Team configurations reflect Empoleon’s role versatility. It works with many Pokémon to form a strong team. Empoleon may be formidable when paired with Pokémon that offset its weaknesses, like as Ground-types for Electric counters or Fighting-types for Steel counters. Garchomp, Machamp, and Alolan Muk are great Pokémon to balance Empoleon’s weaknesses.

The Ultra League is known for its diverse Pokémon and trainer methods. Empoleon is good for this complicated metagame because to its flexibility and resilience to multiple threats. Empoleon shines even brighter in the Ultra League Premier Cup, which eliminates Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, because it has fewer countermeasures and dominates numerous matches.

Optimizing IVs (individual values) is key to Empoleon’s Ultra League success. Trainers should strive for a PvP IV distribution that favours Defense and Stamina over Attack. This maximises Empoleon’s stat product, which is crucial for combat victory.



The ultimate Charmander evolution, Charizard, has a powerful mix of Fire and Flying types, setting it apart from previous rivals. Its unusual typing gives Charizard several benefits. Fire Spin and Blast Burn provide powerful coverage against Ultra League opponents like Grass, Steel, and Bugs. Its Flying type also makes it resistant to Grass, Bug, and Fighting attacks, lowering damage. Charizard’s twofold Grass resistance making it a good pick to fight Ultra League regulars like Venusaur and Meganium.

Charizard’s stat distribution reinforces its Ultra League domination. It fits comfortably inside the Ultra League’s 2500 CP cap with 2900 CP. Its strong Attack and Defense numbers let it deal and take harm. Resistances and access to crucial techniques make up for its lower HP stat (compared to other Ultra League candidates). Due to its nature, Charizard’s resilience against Grass and Bug types makes it a durable choice for long battles.

The movepool is Charizard’s strength. The Community Day move Blast Burn makes it a formidable Fire-type attacker. Charizard’s fast-charging, high-energy Blast Burn deals massive damage. Blast Burn pairs well with Fire Spin, a quick, energy-generating technique. This allows Charizard to continually pressure its opponents, making it hard for them to remain in control.

For further versatility, Charizard may learn Dragon Claw, a cheap charge move that covers Dragon-type adversaries like Giratina. Dragon Claw helps Charizard defeat this Ultra League threat by overcoming one of its main weaknesses. Additionally, Charizard’s moveset is unpredictable due to Overheat, a high-damage Fire-type charge move. Overheat is longer to charge but can do significant damage if utilized correctly and surprises opponents.

Wing Attack, a variant to Fire Spin, gives Charizard more coverage versus Fighting-types and faster energy generation. Trainers may tailor Charizard to their requirements and metagame with this quick move choice. The versatile Wing Attack and dependable Fire Spin give Charizard plenty of tactical options.

Charizard may switch roles in combat, demonstrating his versatility. Charizard is a skilled Fire-type attacker, Dragon-type counter, and generalist. One of its best advantages is its adaptability, making it important for Ultra League teams.

Synergy and coverage are key when building an Ultra League squad. Charizard’s type, movepool, and numbers make it a versatile teammate. Charizard can battle Registeel and other Steel-type threats by teaming up with Water-types like Swampert or Lapras. The synergy between Charizard’s Fire-type techniques and Water-types’ Steel resistance might give you an Ultra League advantage.

However, Charizard’s vulnerabilities and countermeasures must be considered. Rock-type Pokemon like Tyranitar may be dangerous owing to their powerful attacks. Trainers must be careful while fighting Rock-type opponents, but Charizard can prevail with a well-timed Dragon Claw or Fire-type strikes. Water-types that outperform Charizard’s Fire-type attacks might also be dangerous.

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